Top 15 Cereal Tier List for the Next 10 Years

Granola is the most common cereal in Ireland, and the average person in Ireland eats 1.3 litres of it per day.

The average family of four drinks 1.5 litres of cereal a day, and for every 10 litres of milk consumed, a little more than 3 litres of granola is produced.

There are a lot of cereal brands out there, and there are plenty of great brands too.

There are a few brands that have grown up and are thriving in Ireland in the past few years, and some that are making their way into the Irish market.

The following are the Top 15 cereal brands that are currently making a big impact in Ireland. 

#1 Cereal Company: Branco Brampton, Ontario, CanadaBranCo’s brand is a staple in many households across the country.

The Brampton, Canada based company makes cereals that are popular with people of all ages, and they also offer a variety of products. 

Bunya Baking Cereals has recently been making waves in the UK, and this is the brand that makes the most noise in the US.

Bunya Bakers is a cereal brand that is very popular in the United States.

They have two cereal brands in the USA, one is their original brand, and a second is a brand that they have recently introduced in Canada. 

The Brampton Baking Company is now the number one brand in the world.

The brand’s products are also popular in Europe, with products from their Brenco® brand and the Munich Baking Company being popular in Ireland as well. 

#2 Cereal Brands: Frozen A staple in Ireland since at least the 1930s, the Frosted Flakes cereal brand is also a staple here.

Frosted Flashes is made from the Frosted Wheat flour, which is the same flour used to make Banana Flakes, and is made in Ireland by the Cranco Corporation. 

Fridays Lunchtime Soups are also a very popular food in Ireland today. 

Lentil Soup, and Lentil Soup Sandwich are two staple Irish food items. 

 #3 Cereal Products: Mulberry A popular cereal product in Ireland is Mullberry.

This is a wheat-based cereal product, which means that it’s gluten-free, and it is also very healthy. 

It is popular in Canada, and the Crawford Corporation makes the mulberry and Crayola colors. 

Murny A famous cereal brand in Ireland has Muy Moen, a famous brand of Irish-style bread, which can be enjoyed in Ireland and can be enjoyed throughout the world by any one of our more than 60 million Irish-born citizens. 

This is one of the more expensive cereals in the country, and its price has increased recently. 

(Source: Food and Drink Ireland) #4 Cereal Companies: Lemon Lemondogs are another cereal that is a popular breakfast cereal, and both Lemondogs and Limes are delicious. 

A common cereal for the average Irish household, the Lemon is made with white flour, sugar, salt, and eggs. 

In addition, Limes and Lemonade are very popular snacks in Ireland right now, and are generally available in the market. 

(Source: Food and Drink International) #5 Cereal and Cereal Breakfast Products:

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