The Captain Crunch Cereal School

The Captain’s Crunch Cereals cereal school is a company of Captain Crunch fans in Australia and New Zealand.

It is a multi-faceted and diverse organisation.

It provides educational, social and sporting opportunities for students to grow and develop as leaders in the cereal industry.

The cereal school promotes healthy eating and community engagement through the use of nutritional and cultural tools.

Captain Crunch is Australia’s most-popular cereal, with the company currently in the lead with more than half a billion sales globally.

A successful career in cereal marketing Captain Crunch has had a long and varied life, and many people have grown up eating Captain Crunch, whether it is as a kid growing up in Queensland, or as an adult with a taste for Captain Crunch.

We are honoured to be part of this unique and powerful organisation.

The Captain crunch cereal school offers a unique opportunity to develop and grow as a young leader in the Australian and New York City markets.

The Academy of Cereal Marketing (ACCM) is an accredited trade association of industry leaders in cereal, snack and food industry, with a mission to promote and protect the health and safety of consumers through the advancement of the Australian cereal industry and its role as an industry leader.

ACCM’s membership includes all major food and snack industry bodies, including the Australian Food Standards Agency (AFSA), the Australian Grocers Association, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association, and the Australian Cattleman’s Association.

ACCMs mission is to promote a sustainable, environmentally responsible and socially responsible food system and the use and enjoyment of Australian foods by the Australian population.

The Association promotes the benefits of a sustainable Australian food system for all Australians, including farmers, retailers, consumers, and businesses.

It works closely with the Australian government to promote the use, promotion and sustainable use of Australian and Australian-made food.

In addition, ACCM provides advice on issues relating to food, food packaging, food safety, the environment and food-processing processes.

For more information, visit

The Australian Academy of Corporate Social Responsibility (AACCR) was established in 2014 to promote public accountability in business and the community and promote social responsibility in public policy.

Its mission is based on the principles of corporate responsibility and accountability, promoting social responsibility as the foundation of good corporate citizenship.

AACCR is Australia is largest corporate social responsibility organisation, with more staff than any other public sector organisation.

AACSR is based in Canberra, and is the main forum for members to discuss the issues affecting corporate social responsibilities.

ACSR is an industry-leading body of social responsibility professionals, delivering a range of research and policy advice.

ACCR supports the development of a public policy framework and works to promote good corporate social accountability through a range, including education, public policy, public services, business, and regulatory, with an emphasis on social responsibility.

For a complete list of ACSR’s activities and the latest news, visit


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