Krave cereal maker Krave says it will stop selling its cereal bar brand, Krave, amid concerns that its products are making people sick

Krave has announced it will no longer sell its Krave® cereal bar.

The company’s board of directors voted unanimously at its annual meeting on Monday to withdraw its application to trademark the Krave name.

“We have a strong commitment to keeping our brand and brand identity relevant and unique,” CEO Dave Gandy said in a statement.

“While we have a long and proud history with the K-Bar brand, we cannot continue to rely on the KB product line, as the KKB brand continues to lose momentum and market share.”

The Krave brand was acquired by Krave Foods in 2018 for $6 billion.

The cereal bar, which has been on the market since the 1980s, was originally designed to make people feel full, and features the famous blueberry.

The KB cereal bar was a hit with kids and adults alike, with a 2009 Nielsen study finding that more than 3 million KB bar servings were sold per month.

The Kellogg’s company has said the KK bars are a hit as well, with Nielsen estimates that more people have used KKs as snacks than any other breakfast cereal.

In April, KK’s parent company Krave Food, Inc. announced that it had sold its KK brand to the Nutricia Corporation.

Kellogg said that it will continue to sell the K KB brand in its products.

“In light of the K K brand losing market share, we are withdrawing KK from our portfolio and the Kk brand will no long be offered for sale,” Kellogg Food said in its statement.

Krave will continue selling its KKB cereal bar line, but Krave said it will be replacing it with its KB brand.

Kellog said it had invested $5 million in the KKR brand, which will remain available.

The Kraft family-owned company has been trying to change its image in the cereal industry, launching products like Krave and Krave Deluxe.

In addition to Krave®, Kraft has recently introduced Krave Classic, a “classic-flavored” line of Krave cereals that have been available since March.

The brand is expected to debut later this year.

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