‘Crunchy’ Crunchy Crunch cereal is making waves in the US with ‘Crunchiness’ in its name

“I think it’s going to be pretty good, but I don’t think it’ll be in your rotation.

I think it will be more like a regular cereal.

You’ll get a little crunchy,” said one person who bought the cereal.

“I just hope that it stays in the rotation.

And that people will have the opportunity to try it.”

But for others, Crunchy is already getting a bad rap.

The cereal is being dubbed a “sludge” by the Associated Press and has even been compared to a “chocolate milk”.

“It’s not crunchy at all,” said a person who said she tried the cereal at a convenience store.

“It’s like a chocolate milk, but with the crunchy part.”

The person who purchased the cereal said the name stuck with her.

“It was like, oh my god, this is really crunchy!

It was like a big chunk of chocolate,” she said.”

You can’t eat it,” she added.

“But I don.

It’s like an extra chocolate.

That’s not what it’s about.”

Some people are concerned about the health risks of eating Crunchy.

The AP reported that the product comes with a warning that contains “a dose of mercury,” which is a neurotoxin that has been linked to neurological problems in children and the elderly.

Some people have also expressed concerns about the taste.

The Associated Press also reported that some people have had adverse reactions to the cereal after using it as a treat.

“The taste is definitely not what I was expecting,” said another person who tried the product.

“The crunchy texture is there, but it’s not the right texture.

It tastes like a cereal mix.”

One of the biggest problems people have with Crunchy cereal is that the cereal is not a whole wheat product.

“I can’t really go into details about what I’m using it for,” said the person who had purchased the product at a supermarket.

The person said she bought the Crunchy at a Costco and will be using it again.””

And then, I’m just going not to buy it.”

The person said she bought the Crunchy at a Costco and will be using it again.

“No worries, because I’m buying this again, and I’m not going to give up,” she joked.

“But if it is, I can see myself eating that.”

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