What is the world’s most nutritious cereal?

On the eve of Diwali, The Hindu decided to compile a list of the most nutritious cereals.

“Our aim was to create a list for the people who consume the most, so that people can understand the nutrition of a particular product,” said the editorial board of The Hindu.

“As for the nutritional content, the average person should not be too concerned.

The more concerned you are, the more nutritious it is,” it added.

The list is based on the ingredients used in each product.

The list includes grains such as rice, corn, barley, sorghum and rice flour, as well as cereals such as barley, oats, wheat and millet.

Cereal contains less than 0.5% of the calories from fat, according to the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans, while other cereals contain less than 1%.

However, some people may need more than one type of cereal.

Some brands of cereal are fortified with iron, which increases their nutritional value.

Iron-fortified cereals have a higher nutritional value than non-iron-fortification products, which can lower their nutritional content.

Here are the top 5 cereals that are the most nutrient-dense:Cereals that use wheat are the best-selling cereals, while cereal from corn, oats and barley are also the most popular, according ToI data.

However, other cereal varieties have a lower nutritional value, according TOI.

Creamy-flavoured cereals are the highest-protein cereal, followed by cereals made from buckwheat, rice, millet and corn.

The nutritional value of these cereals is around 5% less than that of non-grain products, the report said.

However, some cereals from other cereas have a low nutritional value compared to the others.

Some cereals include wholemeal, white and white rice, while others are made with brown rice, barley or corn flour.

Celery, rice and millett are the other two main cereals used in Indian households.

The nutrient content of these three cereals varies greatly from region to region.

The average daily intake of the four major grains varies from 2,300 to 6,500 milligrams of protein per day in rural India, while the intake varies from 1,200 to 2,400 milligram of protein in urban India.

However the average nutritional value for milk, egg and chicken is about 20-25% lower than that for beef, which has a higher daily intake.

The main difference in protein intake is the amount of protein provided by the milk, which varies between 30% and 100% of total daily intake, according the report.

The most nutritious rice is a millet, while millet is the most nutritional cereal for eggs.

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