How the world came to adore cornflakes

Golden graham’s cereal, known for its rich, sweet cereal flavor, was invented in Britain by a group of British scientists in 1878.

The cereals popularity grew as it was the only cereal that had a sugar content that was comparable to a sugar-free cereal, which was more nutritious than a standard cereal.

The cereal’s popularity was so big that it was quickly copied by other countries around the world, which made it a staple of the diet for millions of people.

But the idea that cereals had a beneficial effect on health didn’t stick with the American public.

The average American ate only 1.6 pounds of cereal per person in 2007, and Americans are now eating more than two times as much cereal as the average Briton, according to the USDA.

So why did the American consumer turn to cereals for its sweet and savory flavor?

According to research by Cornell University researchers, Americans were influenced by a variety of factors.

The first was a desire to find healthy alternatives to fast food, which had a higher sugar content than regular bread.

But that desire wasn’t universal, and it wasn’t just American.

Researchers at the University of Iowa also found that a large portion of people were looking for healthier options when it came to food.

They were less likely to consume processed foods, like packaged goods and packaged snacks, which contain sugar and sodium.

A study conducted by the University at Buffalo, in New York, found that Americans were more likely to choose whole grains when compared to white flour.

The same study found that the percentage of people who didn’t want to eat sugar-sweetened beverages or processed foods was higher in the Midwest, while it was lower in the South and Northeast.

The lack of sugar in cereals may also explain why the average American doesn’t have a clue about the health benefits of cereals, according a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic.

Researchers from the Mayo Medical School analyzed the diets of 6,000 people ages 18 and older in Minnesota, Iowa and Iowa City.

The researchers looked at the participants’ weight, cholesterol, waist circumference and blood pressure to see if the diet was associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

They also looked at diet and weight changes over the course of the study.

The results showed that while diet was not a strong predictor of coronary risk, it was a strong factor in people’s risk of obesity.

What’s more, the people who consumed the most refined sugars, like refined flour and sugar-cane syrup, had the highest rates of obesity and heart disease.

The study also found significant differences in the amount of sugar the people ate over the years.

People who ate the most processed sugar in the early 20th century were more than four times as likely to have heart disease as those who ate less sugar in those years.

Those people also had a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes.

“We know that people with the most sugar intake in the 21st century are more likely than others to develop cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Jonathan Gruber, a Harvard University professor and a co-author of the new study.

“The fact that we see this in people living in the heartland, as opposed to people living elsewhere, means that sugar consumption has to be considered as a potential risk factor for these diseases.”

And as the American population ages, the sugar-rich diet of the past is likely to become even more prevalent.

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